Is Your Waste Oil Heater As Efficient As It Could Be?

Oct 17 2014

The salesman stopped in. He pitched to you of the profits that are slipping through your fingers. You saw the savings and made the investment. It's been several years.

Is your waste oil heater running as efficient as it did the day you installed it? Are the savings still there?

When Was It Serviced Last

When we talk of servicing a waste oil heater, we aren't talking of replacing the nozzle and filter. And, we're not talking about cleaning out the ash. There is more to service than that.

  • Have you cleaned the nozzle assembly?
  • What about the main heater block?
  • Was it just flushed with parts washer fluid, or was it ultrasonically cleaned?
  • Were the regulators and solenoids rebuilt.

Experience has shown that by only flushing the block and nozzle assembly, there's still carbon buildup inside. These carbon deposits can flake off and cause your nozzle to block. That is why reputable service company will ultrasonically clean the blocks and nozzles.

Ash Buildup Equals Insulation

If you don't keep the inside of your waste oil heater cleaned out, you are wasting more money. Did you know that 1/8" of ash buildup inside your furnace, has the same heat retention of 1" of insulation. So imagine what 1" of ash buildup does to your heat transfer, or lack of. That means most of your heat eventually is going right up your chimney and not into your building.

Do You Need Help

If you need help finding a reputable waste oil heater service company, feel free to contact us, and we'll get you connected.

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